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Meanwhile, Richards is curating a “‘lost weekend’ of films and live performances for BBC4″ featuring “two nights of shows hand-picked by the man himself.


Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is starring in a BBC2 documentary about his early years titled “Keith Richards – The Origin of the Species,” directed by Julien Temple, according to the Guardian

Blackjack vs. Poker by Kenneth Bateman

One extra card dealt only.

- Stand/Stay/Stick – No additional cards requested

- Push – Player and dealer have the same value hand – no winner

Although Blackjack remained highly popular, the game was surely being overshadowed by the multitude of high-profile poker tournaments.

Although various card games similar to what we now know as Blackjack had been played in other countries for many years, Blackjack did not make an appearance in American casinos until a few years prior to WW I. It was then that the game could be played by locals and visitors, as well as the professional gamblers that were once only able to ply their trade illegally.

- Blackjack – Ten value card and an Ace

- Broke or Bust – Hand card value over 21

- Hit or Draw – Request for additional cards

- Splitting Pairs – Two of the same value cards “split” into separate hands

- Double-Down – Both cards turned face-up. Some casinos in the not so distant past even closed their poker rooms for lack of activity.. Shortly after the end of WW II Blackjack’s popularity soared, and the game was second in popularity only to Craps, it’s rise largely attributed to returning American soldiers, who played the game most frequently as a diversion from the strife of the War years. Played as a private game until around 1915, Blackjack was known by it’s French name of “Vingt-Un, (twenty-one). The game became “Blackjack” when the casinos established bonus payouts if a player’s first two cards dealt were a Black Jack (spades or clubs), and an Ace of Spades.

Blackjack vs. In fact, many land-based casinos featured Blackjack over poker. Not any more. The Ultimate Blackjack Tour for example, may be hot on the heels of the WSOP tour’s popularity, since the UBT will feature not only the best Blackjack players, but championship-level poker players as well.

In the early 1930’s Blackjack had increased it’s popularity among gamblers to the point that it was now the third most popular game played, second only to Roulette and Craps. Now, any ten-value card ( ten or face card ), and an Ace of any color gives one a “Blackjack”.

Since the advent of televised poker tournaments, like the World Poker Tour, and the World Series of Poker, in particular, replete with celebrity players and fabulous amounts of prize money awarded the tournament champions, poker has taken the world by storm.

Blackjack has always rivaled poker for popularity. Poker

 by: Kenneth Bateman

Blackjack was hugely popular in the illegal casinos and card rooms of the U.S., but the game reached it’s zenith when the State of Nevada legalized gambling within its borders in 1931. By the early Fifties, Blackjack had become the most popular card game in the U.S.

Although the basic principle of Blackjack is simple; card values are added in an attempt to reach twenty-one without going over, the game is not purely one of luck, as there are numerous strategies that can be employed to increase one’s chances of winning.

A Brief Blackjack Glossary For The Beginner:

Blackjack has evolved in the casinos, and having a “black” Jack and an Ace of Spades is no longer the sole means of getting Blackjack

Hockey Betting Guide

They simply rush out to win for that day. If you are a smaller player, you should never buy sports picks. Don’t get fooled. Next, decide how many bets you want to play at a minimum. Once you have them down, start to expand your horizons. Streaks can continue for a long time and they will continue until they are over. Here’s an easy way to do it. $1,000 divided by 100 is $10. Point Three: Buying Sports Picks

The world is full of “pro” sports handicappers willing to sell you their winners. There’s a good deal of money to be made in betting on hockey. Let’s say 100, which is generally one a day or so. What makes it even more exciting is betting on it. The season is filled with betting opportunities. Betting is an ever-evolving process. Bet $10 every time you make a wager.

No, I am not trying to be Mr. Better yet, decide how much money you will bet per game and stick to it. Some hockey bettors second guess themselves and end up losing more times than they win. Simply decide which team is better and throw your money down.. Your betting unit is $10. Use these to give yourself a better shot at cashing in winning tickets.

Point One: Pick the Winner

Speaking of money, here’s an important point. Even if you are not a wild hockey enthusiast, having a wager on a hockey game will make it worth watching. Don’t worry about how many games a team has won or lost in any situations. Let’s say you are a $10 player and bet 100 times at a 53% winning percentage. If you do this, you are making the sports handicapper money–not yourself.

Point Two: Money Management

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Start with these three hockey betting tips to get on the road to winning. Your end of the road profit can be evaporated if you buy just one sports pick at $25. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Good Luck.

Author is an sport betting editor at SportsGamblingReview.com, an online sportsbook review site. Most sports bettors don’t think about this. Decide how much you are willing to lose for the whole season. He blogs on NHL hockey betting.

By: Sebastien Veilleux -

Hockey can be exciting to watch. It’s pretty simple from here on out. Most of these services are quite pricey. What I mean by this is don’t second guess yourself. Obvious. Let’s say that amount is $1,000. Today, I will go over a few hockey betting pointers. Doing so will eat away any profit you made

Roulette Simulator Your Roulette Mentor and Trainer

In a real life casino sitting at a roulette wheel entails many distractions.

Online roulette simulator allows you to benefit from the comforts of your home. Check the site to know about roulette rules and the differences between American Roulette and European Roulette explained in detail: http://roulette-simulator.info

So what the heck is this roulette simulator?. It is these that would take years for a roulette player to gain expertise and master.

Author’s Bio: 

Not to mention the benefit of playing from the comforts of your home on a roulette simulator. As you play against a simulator in all likelihood, you can improve and become better player against betting on the casino roulette machines too.

These computer roulette wheel or the roulette simulator can be a handy tool in the hands of a roulette player who wishes to improve progress in terms of his roulette strategies as well as betting principles. The simulator gives one hands on experience in terms of giving spins, tracking the results as well as some practice at cash management. All online casinos have this all time favorite game Roulette. This would help in improvising on the betting pattern and system while gaining experience.

How is a roulette simulator beneficial?

The roulette simulators can be your roulette trainers, they are intended to make you smart at the wheel. With a simulator one can see more than ten times the spin cycles a real time roulette wheel would generate within the same timeframe. The program with amazing execution gives the same feeling, experience as well as simulation of a casino roulette wheel.

Roulette is one casino game that continues to gain fan following from casino freaks since ages. But the presence of a roulette simulator in an online casino can be quite some motivation for novices to gain some experience, because although it can’t be denied that roulette is a game of chance experience does play key for increasing the chance of success for a roulette player.

Roulette simulator is a risk-free and free roulette simulation. And of all the casino games Roulette game is known to be one ultimate chance game. The most popular roulette strategies like Martingale, Paroli, Alembert can be tested live using a roulette simulator. It is no gambling per se, but it provides needed experience and lesson on roulette for all those interested in roulette wheel. Also the spin cycles of the roulette simulator makes it all the more exciting. How? In repeated style as roulette machine would do in real time. One can maintain a log to monitor the betting patterns which is not allowed in a real life casino roulette. Because each time a player places bet he/she is taking a chance in the game. Playing on a roulette simulator is also much cheaper than on a real-time machine, even if the bets are minimal (ah not so motivating) the knowledge needed to run a roulette wheel with a simulator is readily available.

Simply put a roulette simulator is computer program that’d give an experience as if it’s real

Earn Money Playing Online Blackjack

Once all of the players have made a wager the dealer will deal each player two cards face up. Insurance protects players from a dealer blackjack. If a player decides to split, the wager amount remains the same for both hands and each hand is played separately. Typically there are three different blackjack strategy tables. . By doubling the player is deciding to double the wager amount and to be dealt one additional card. In the situation that the player believes his or her hand is a winner the player can double down.

If a player decides to hit this means the player would like to be dealt another card. Card counting is not necessarily difficult but it can get confusing if you take into consideration the speed of the game. A hand valuing 21 is often called a ‘Blackjack’.

In the game of blackjack all the numbered cards are valued at their face value. The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer by obtaining a hand valuing more than the hand of the dealer without exceeding 21.

Blackjack is by far the most played casino card game in world.

21Bet.com provides all the strategy tables you need to win!

Players using the strategy tables have a great advantage over players that don’t. On the contrary when a player believes his or her hand could loose because the dealers up card is an ace, the player can choose to buy insurance. By standing a player is stating that he or she is happy with the value of their hand, and does not choose to be dealt another card. The players that win the most stick to the strategy tables and never make decisions based on luck alone. Find more information relating to 21bet.com “> casino , 21bet.com”> casino games and play casino games here.

Blackjack strategy tables are just basic tables that outline the correct mathematical course of action for any given hand. If by chance a player is dealt a hand of two cards of the same value he or she can elect to split the pair into two separate hands. At this point the player is given a number of different options, which include hitting, standing, doubling, splitting, or buying insurance.

By: Caribbean Sands

Basic strategy suggests that players should only play against the dealer, and not pay to much attention to the other players on the table. The soft hand table is used if a player has a hand with an ace valuing one, the hard hand table is used if a player has a hand with an ace valuing eleven, and the double down table is used to decide if the doubling option works for or against the player.

On a typical blackjack table, there is one dealer and up to six players. It is always recommended for beginners to learn the blackjack strategy tables very well before even considering card counting. If a players hand exceeds 21 this is referred to as busting, and if you bust you automatically loose. Before the cards are dealt the player must make a wager of any amount up to the table limit. Don’t you want to break the online casino?

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Caribbean Sands is the author of this article on 21bet.com “> blackjack . The player’s second option is to stand. Just believe in the tables and you will eventually win also. The dealer will also deal himself two cards – one face up and the other face down. It is a simple game, and a game that can be beaten with the correct strategy. By observing the cards dealt to the other players it is possible to gain an edge on the casino by using card counting techniques. Jacks, queens, and kings all value 10, and an ace values either one or eleven, whichever value works best for the player. A player can hit as many times as he or she chooses with exceeding a hand valuing 21. Blackjack is a game of strategy and with easy to use tables that guide your play there is no reason why you can’t beat the casino

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Roulette For Beginners – free article courtesy of ArticleCity.com

The house edge on a European wheel is about 2.5%.

Column / All 12 numbers 2 to 1

Street / Three numbers 11 to 1

With the growth of online casino play, more and more people are playing roulette online. Line / Six numbers 5 to 1

Split / Two numbers 17 to 1

Odd Even Black or White 1 to 1

Dozen / ex 1thru 12 2 to 1

High (19-36) or Low 1 to 1

Straight / Single number 35 to 1

Square / Four numbers 8 to 1

There are two different types of popular roulette wheels. Good luck! . The American roulette wheel contains the numbers 1 through 36, a 0 and a 00. The wheel that is most common worldwide is a single zero wheel that is usually called a European roulette wheel. This creates a house edge of over 5%. Remember to always read the terms and conditions of any bonus before accepting it.

Roulette For Beginners

 by: Wes Young

Line / Five numbers 6 to 1

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If you aren’t a roulette player, but have walked past a busy roulette wheel in a casino, you may have wondered what all the excitement and commotion was. The most common wheel in the United States is a double zero wheel called American roulette. They contain a 0 and the numbers 1 through 36. There is definitely something almost magical and mesmerizing about the spinning wheel and sound of the Ivory ball clinking around and finally settling into one of the pockets. One of the biggest drawbacks for the online roulette player is the bonuses offered by most casinos can’t be cleared playing roulette. Here are the most common bets and payouts.

This article was posted on February 20, 2006

So if you have always wondered what all the excitement was about, step up to the nearest roulette wheel and place a bet. Here is an introduction to the game of roulette for new players.

You can place a wide range of bets on each roulette spin, offering a wide range of payouts

Las Vegas Casinos – InfoBarrel

Do not

attend the Slots-A-Fun Casino on a weekend or any other time the

place is busy. The Luxor Hotel and

Casino is really cool for two reasons. $2.00 Blackjack is

only available occasionally. On a Sunday when there are only a few cars in there

you can drive your car to the top. You can find $1.00 black jack or $1,000 black jack tables.

From the high rollers VIP areas in fancy Vegas Casinos to the smoky

keno rooms with ragged carpet. The

parking garage at the New York New York Hotel and Casino is my

favorite ride. The rich and famous

come to the Palms Casino and Resort to be seen by the middle class

tourists. The Luxor Hotel and

Casino of today appears much different then the magnificent building

that was originally there. If it is summertime and over 100 degrees I highly suggest you

do not walk the strip. Angelica Bridges starred on Baywatch and is also a favorite

of Playboy readers. The other

reason the Luxor Hotel and Casino is so cool is because of the huge

light beaming out from the top of the Luxor into space. Regardless of your budget you can find

somewhere fun and unique to gamble while visiting Las Vegas.

The New York New York Hotel and Casino

was considered a truly amazing architecture and styling casino when

it was first opened. It is a popular spot for

amateur photographers to snap a world class picture. Many people now days consider the New York New

York Hotel and Casino to be slightly on the tacky side. What other gaming property in Las Vegas can

offer you a Slurpee? The fact that I can play video poker with bad

odds and drink blue colored Slurpee’s all day makes the 7-11

convenience stores an awesome Las Vegas gaming property.

While visiting the Luxor Hotel and

Casino make sure you get tickets to the show starring Angelica

Bridges. If you want a tattoo they have a shop inside.

If you visit the Palms Casino and

Resort make sure your bring your camera so you can take a picture of

the Paparazzi who may be there outside snapping pictures of the rich

and famous when they arrive at the Palms Casino and Resort.

New York New York Hotel and Casino

Palms Casino and Resort

The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino is

located in my favorite part of Las Vegas. You may have seen the Palms Casino and Resort on

television. The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino also has a

sports book inside called “Leroy’s Sports book”.

If you choose to stay at the Gold Spike

Hotel and Casino during you vacation to Las Vegas you will be well

rewarded with your choice of location. The appearance is drastically different,.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino has changed from an Egyptian theme to a

corporate owned casino filled with gimmicky adverting. $3.00 Black Jack is the favorite game of

many people in Las Vegas. The 7-11 stores are not considered a casino to

most people. The first is the shape of the

building. I did once when it was 108 degrees and the

soles on my shoes were soft from the hot asphalt and concrete

literally melting my shoe soles away.

The Slots-A-Fun Casino is located on

The Las Vegas Strip. (readers or lookers?) The show is adult oriented

so don’t take Paul “Pee Wee” Reubens with you.

Gold Spike Hotel and Casino

Slots-A-Fun Casino

In 2007 they replace most of the

Egyptian themed items and decorations. There are always exceptions and some great deals can be

found for the Las Vegas Strip hotels and casinos during non peak

At night time the Palms Casino and

Resort is an absolutely gorgeous building. If you do want to see the Strip

you are a very short bus ride away. I assume the

inside of the Palms Casino and Resort is just as beautiful. You can also walk if you are not lazy. It is modeled after the gr

eat pyramids of Egypt. They usually have some video gaming machines. At least they

have not changed the sweet shape f the pyramid.

Regardless of where you want to gamble

in Las Vegas you can always find something cool, tacky, common, rare,

expensive, cheap, or even dirt cheap. If it is

not a slow night then do not even bother to show up to the

Slots-A-Fun Casino.

The Palms Casino and Resort is a

favorite of Britney Spears when she visits Las Vegas. When the Slots-A-Fun Casino is empty of locals and

tourists then it is a very fun place to gamble in Las Vegas. Fremont Street. The Palms Casino and Resort has been the site of many TV

shows. You are right down by the

Fremont Light Show and all of the casinos and sites located in the

downtown area of historic Las Vegas. I wish they would have kept

the Egyptian theme at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. When you are speeding up to the

top layer it looks and feels like you are flying of the edge of the

building onto the roller coaster.

Luxor Hotel and Casino

I am a huge fan of the downtown Vegas

properties but this strip property make my list. I love the

7-11 stores for gambling. If the Aliens

ever come to play poker they will probably come to the Luxor Hotel

and Casino.

The Palms Casino and Resort is where

the middle class come to see the rich and famous. Just because you may want to

visit an expensive Las Vegas Casino that does not mean you have to

play there.. It is by the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

Slots-A-Fun Casino has many low limit table games including $1.00

blackjack. Downtown Las Vegas is much funner and generally cheaper then staying on the

Vegas Strip. I have

never been inside the Palms Casino and Resort except for when I see

this Vegas Hotel on television.

Image Credit: (Flickr/davideferro.net) (Flickr/Chad Davis)

The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino has

some lower limit tables such as $2.00 Blackjack. I disagree.

The New York New York Hotel and Casino is all of the fun of the real

New York but a lot cheaper. I wonder when

Britney plays blackjack and wants another card if she tells the

Blackjack dealer “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” After all of

Britney’s kids I think she was hit again.

There are many casinos in Las Vegas

Nevada. During peak nights the Slots-A-Fun

Casino is packed with people wanting to play low limit games. The roller coaster is fun…to watch.



The 7-11 convenience stores in Las

Vegas are everywhere. Slots-A-Fun Casino is a fun place to gamble cheaply if you

go there during a slow time

Football and Golf Betting

Only in England there are 8 different leagues. They are also referred to as lines and they are set by bookmakers. Therefore, before rushing directly into placing a random bet, the first thing you should do is to get acquainted with the meaning of an odd and the three types of lines used in betting: fractional, decimal and American. The highest Conference betting odds can go from 6 to 261 for the participating teams.

Odds are an interpretation of the chance that a certain outcome will take place during an event. Before figuring out the mathematical likelihood of defeat, victory or draw of a sports team, the odds makers are considering a wide range of variables. Golf betting can work with decimal odds as well. The difference from this kind of odds and the decimal ones stands in the meaning expressed by the odds. In football, there are many leagues in which you can place a bet. After all, the reputation of a bookie stands in its ability to set the odds accurately. Fractional odds will say how much profit will be gained by the punter from one unit. This type of odds is also the most popular and it is offered by many bookmakers. Of course, one of the most important is the team’s performance during this season, as well as in past sessions. The home field advantage can also be influencing the odds. American odds tell the positive or negative outcome of a bet at a 100 unit stake.

It is critical to understand betting odds if you want to play them correctly and become a real sports investor.

In football for example there are many leagues in which you can decide to bet. No matter if it is Championship, Premier League, FA Cup, League 1, League 2, Capital One Cup, Community Shield or Conference betting, it is important for you to know how to read the odds and find the bookie that provides the best lines available.

There are three types of odds: decimal, fractional and American. Golf betting is completely different from football betting for example. Everything becomes much easier once you know the basics. Only knowledge will transform you from an idle better to a winner. In UK however, the most commonly used type of odds are the decimal ones. Decimal odds are usually stating exactly how much money will be gained by a punter from betting one unit. Their names describe the way the odds are written by the bookies. Some other variables, such as the weather conditions, the team morale, players’ personal life events or recent injured players are also taken into account when setting the lines.. This statistic process is a matter of intense research and years of experience. For Conference betting for example you will most probably receive the odds expressed in fractions. Every sport has a particular betting system

2015 NBA Draft Preview – InfoBarrel

 A random drawing is conducted to pick the top three slots in the draft, and all teams that did not make the playoffs the previous season are eligible.  

26) San Antonio Spurs.  On draft day, those dreams will become a reality for many.

One of the top books on the history of the NBA, written in a funny, entertaining way

No professional sports league is influenced by star players quite like the NBA.  One superstar coming out of college and joining a struggling team can drastically improve a team’s fortunes, and potentially shape the future of the league.  The Orlando Magic allegedly have their eyes on him in the #5 spot.[1]

27) Los Angeles Lakers (from Houston Rockets)

15) Atlanta Hawks (from Brooklyn Nets)

1) Minnesota Timberwolves

10) Miami Heat

Karl-Anthony Towns / Kentucky / Center

12) Utah Jazz

9) Charlotte Hornets

21) Dallas Mavericks

The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy


Kristaps Porzingis / Latvia / Power Forward

For most of the season Okafor was projected to be the top player in the draft.  On the extremes, the team with the worst record the previous year has a 25% chance of getting the top pick, while the team with the best record but missed the playoff has a 0.5% chance.  After the top three teams are determined, the remaining picks are filled based on the team’s record, with the team with the worst record that did not win a lottery pick selecting fourth, and continuing until all slots are filled.

18) Houston Rockets (from New Orleans Pelicans)

Below is a breakdown of some of the players expected to get selected at the top of June’s draft.  They are written roughly in order that analysts expect them to get drafted, although expectations don’t always lead to reality.  The players will be working out with teams in the weeks leading up to the draft, and teams are able to trade their picks as well.  Below the players are listed with the university or country they played last year and their expected position in the NBA.

22) Chicago Bulls

Kids dream about one day playing professional basketball at historic venues like the Staples Center. He has slipped to #2 on most boards, but more because of the great play of Towns at the later part of the season than for any negative reasons toward Okafor.  In fact, the former Duke Blue Devil is still regarded as more ready to contribute to an NBA team immediately, particularly on the offensive end, although he may have a lower ceiling than Towns.  Okafor is a polished offensive player who averaged 17.3 points and 8.5 rebounds per game on his way to winning Freshman of the Year honors last year.  He is also a proven winner, being the leader for the National Championship winning Blue Devils, and will probably be drafted in the first two selections and no later than fourth.[4]

24) Cleveland Cavaliers

17) Milwaukee Bucks

5) Orlando Magic

20) Toronto Raptors

19) Washington Wizards

Towns played for a Kentucky Wildcats team that won all 38 of their games before losing in the Final Four.  His statistics in college of 10.3 points and 6.7 rebounds per game look relatively pedestrian for a top pick, but the Wildcats were loaded with future NBA talent, so Karl-Anthony Towns was not needed to put up dominant numbers.  He is primarily known for his intimidating defensive presence, the full impact of which does show up in the stat sheet (although he did average 2.3 blocked shots per game).  Towns’ raw athleticism and versatility would make him a fit with most teams, and give them a solid defensive presence to build around with high hopes that his offensive skills would continue to develop at the professional level.  Going into this season, the team with the worst record had not won the lottery and received the top pick in the draft for ten straight years.  In fact, since 2008 there have been three teams that have won the lottery despite having less than a 3% chance of doing so.

14) Oklahoma City Thunder

11) Indiana Pacers

16) Boston Celtics

2) Los Angeles Lakers

3) Philadelphia 76ers

28) Boston Celtics (from Los Angeles Clippers)

25) Memphis Grizzlies

A year ago there was talks that Mudiay could be the best player going into his freshman year of college.  However, Mudiay decided to forgo college and play professionally in China instead, and was injured after only 13 games.  This makes him more of an enigma than many of the other players who scouts have seen live.  Mudiay does have a terrific combination of size, athleticism and power at the point guard position, which have teams salivating at his potential.  He also possesses a maturity that few other prospects his age have, which makes teams think he will transition to life in the NBA more seamlessly than most.  He is a great passer and attacks the rim well, but is not known as a good shooter.  The only shifts in the “expected” draft slots based on final records were the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers.  Despite having the 2nd worst record in the league, the Knicks will select 4th in the draft.  On the opposite side, the Lakers had the 4th worst record last year and will select 2nd in the draft. 

Before the lottery had been created, the team with the worst record would automatically receive the top pick in the draft, which gave an incentive for struggling teams to finish with a very poor record, especially when there is a “can’t miss” talent in the upcoming draft.  The lottery was created in part to dissuade this anti-competitive behavior.  Critics will argue that teams “tank” (try to create an uncompetitive team with the intentions of finishing at the bottom of the league) now more than ever before.  However, if true this has not always been a worthwhile practice.  Unlike every lottery the past decade, the team with the worst record, the Minnesota Timberwolves, received the top pick.

NBA basketball and sneakers

Credit: Eric Turner

Jahlil Okafor / Duke / Center

2015 Draft Order:

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(price as of Jun 13, 2015)

NBA Draft Lottery

Top Potential Draft Picks:

7) Denver Nuggets

6) Sacramento Kings

8) Detroit Pistons

4) New York Knicks

On May 19, this year’s draft lottery was conducted.  The upcoming NBA draft on June 25th is an exciting time for sports owners, players, and fans alike. For teams, it is a chance to turn around a franchise and build a championship contender.  Defensive centers with high potential are a rare commodity, so it is likely that the Timberwolves will select him with the #1 pick, and it is nearly certain that he will fall no lower than the second slot.[3]

30) Golden State Warriors

A month before the draft, a draft lottery is held to determine the order that teams will select players on draft day.  Because of the uncertainty with his injury and lack of playing time last year, I could see him going anywhere from #3 – #7 in the draft.[2] 

13) Phoenix Suns

Staples Center

Credit: Eric Turner

Emmanuel Mudiay / China / Point Guard

23) Portland Trail Blazers

29) Brooklyn Nets (from Atlanta Hawks)

D’Angelo Russell / Ohio State / Point Guard

While the two centers got most of the pre-draft hype, D’Angelo Russell is arguably the best guard available in the draft.  He put together a masterful season in which he averaged 19.3 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 5.0 assists per game while taking home the Big-10 Conference Freshman of the Year award.  He is a proficient outside shooter and creative and willing passer.  The Philadelphia 76ers took two big men in the past two drafts, so their biggest need is a guard.  They will be deciding between Russell and Emmanuel Mudiay, but most analysts project that 76ers strongly prefer Russell at #3.[5]

Porzingis is another prospect who played overseas last year.  For a player who is almost 7 feet tall, he moves extremely well and is a fantastic shooter from the outside.  He is also a good ball handler and shot blocker.  He will need to add strength and toughness to compete daily against bulkier opponents, but teams love big men who can shoot outside and stretch the floor.  Odds are based on the team’s winning percentage the previous year.  For the players, its the realization of a lifelong dream