Online slots? How to know when not paying out?

Now comes the important part. Some seems to be giving you more losing spins and bigger bonuses whereas some are the opposite.

Then you have to familiarise yourself with the slots game that you play. Play at 1 cents.

If you play 1 line, you would have to watch each spins and figure out the potential wins of the spins as you don’t have any bet on it.

With taking advantage of this bonus at every casino, you’re playing with lesser risks while increasing your chances of winning.

Firstly to me the best online slots game to play is microgaming slots so you have to play in microgaming casinos.

So step 1 is to familiarise yourself with the machine.

Take time to understand the machine.

Play with 5 lines till you have got 10 bonuses. The longer you play the same slots machine the more you will be able to FEEL when the bonus will come.

For taking note of the bonus payout, this is because there will be about 2 or 3 small payout before the big ones comes.

Slots have a tendency to give you losing spins for about 200 to 500 spins before the bonus payout comes or the winning mode.…

5 lines are better as you will know when you win on these lines. Pay attention.

Why you should take advantage of these bonus is because they are cashable.

So if you play it right, you not only win at the slots but you getting to convert the bonus given by the casino into cash by hitting the playthrough requirement. The best part of playing with 5 lines is that the losses are minimal and when u win at these lines, it further reduce the losses.

If you observe, some machine will be in a losing streak and when you start winning playing 5 lines at quick interval, the slots is priming itself for the bonus to come.

Take note also about the winning frequency of the 5 lines before each bonus comes as this could help you as a guide.

Usually around 200 to 500 losing spins. Take note of the number of spins before each bonuses and the bonus payout.

Slots have a playthrough rate of 1 is to 1 or 100%. Usually the playthrough requirement is 30 X bonus.

Each slots machine have it’s unique payout schedule. Once it comes, it usually comes in sets of 3 bonus concurrently in short spate of spins between 1 to 50 spins. That’s why I say patience is the KEY.

The other strategy that you could use on online slots is taking advantage of the no deposit bonus and matching sign up bonus. You need to count the number of spins so auto mode does that for you. This will help you save your money.

Good Luck

You just need to go to another casino and enjoy the casino bonus promotion there again.

After playing online slots for quite a while, I believe I finally managed to understand online slots better so I’m sharing with you my experience.

The secret to winning is understanding the slots payout schedule.

They have one of the best online casino bonus list around.

Start by playing 1 to 5 lines(not all lines) and use auto mode. Of course the best time to have max bet is during the winning mode cause that is when the slots will gives the most payout. I would choose a 20 to 30 lines slots machine.

I would recommend you taking advantage of these casino bonuses as you need the extra credit to help you in figuring out the slots pattern. They seems to have the best payout and more predictable.

For all the updated microgaming casino bonuses available, I would recommend you going to

If the regular interval for simultaneous bonus spins is less than 100 spins and after increasing your bet the bonus don’t come after 100 spins, you have to immediate reduce it back to 5 lines as your timing is wrong. No worries. Increasing 2 to 10 credits each lines helps.

What better way to save cost by using the bonus credit given by the casino. . But start increasing small 1st before you go for the jugular.

My advise as the bonus comes in sets of 3 or more, start playing full lines after a bonus comes.

The trick is when to increase your bet. What I meant by that?

Sometimes the trend is very long losing streak, small bonus payout, losing streak and big bonus payout.

Once you are confident, then start playing all the lines when you think the bonus will come.…

This technique takes a lot of patience and discipline on your part but once you master it, it works for all online slots.

If you used up the casino bonus and still lose.

Choose a slot machine that you enjoy playing.

Slots is my favourite game in online casino as it’s more fun than the rest of the table games

Gambling in Manila at Solaire Resort & Casino

“Industry analysts suggest that Solaire is likely to attract 30 percent of the business from Resorts World, particularly at the upper end,” says the report. 

The US$1.2-billion Solaire Resort Casino, an integrated resort on Manila Bay, is the first of four casino venues being built on prime, reclaimed land as part of a gaming and entertainment complex dubbed Entertainment City.

Gambling in the Philippines is regulated by government-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), which was established in 1976. 

Other Las Vegas-style attractions include an entertainment lounge offering live music.

As for the resort, Solaire has 500 guest rooms, suites and villas as well as 15 dining options. Villas range in size from 600 to 1,000 square-meters and overlook Manila Bay. 

Though the Philippines has over a dozen casinos, the Solaire Resort Casino is the first that puts Manila in a position to compete with the current leading Asian casino cities, Singapore and Macau. 

More on CNN: 5 best Macau casinos

Manila’s newest and most luxurious casino has opened its doors, upping the ante in the Philippines’ drive to compete with Asian gambling hot spots Singapore and Macau.

Solaire’s 18,000-square-meter casino includes nearly 300 gaming tables for baccarat, blackjack, craps, money wheel, pontoon and roulette, as well as 1,200 slot machines and a 6,000-square-meter VIP gaming salon.

According to a report in the Macau Daily Times, Solaire is placed well above Manila’s Resorts World, which opened in 2010 just across from the international airport and  quickly became the casino of choice among the country’s high rollers.

Solaire was developed by Bloomberry, a publicly traded company listed on the Philippines Stock Exchange owned by billionaire Enrique Razon, Jr.

Guests have access to a 24-hour butler service, private chef, in-suite spa facilities, a home theater and private pool and Jacuzzi. 

Solaire Resort Casino: 1 Solaire Blvd., Entertainment City, Metro Manila, Philippines; +63 (0)2 888 8888; rooms from US$220/night;

What are betting tipsters? – National casino industry

If there is a gap between the estimate odds and the bookmakers’ odds, the tipster has identified value for gamblers.

A tipster is a third party individual or organization that provides information on betting odds and likely winners in sporting events, including horse racing.

Bookmakers often provide incorrect odds in the horse racing “marketplace” which create opportunities for punters to allocate capital on inappropriately priced racehorses and receive greater returns.

Good tipsters use quantitative analysis, extensive research, and inside information and compare this estimation with the bookmakers’ odds. Bettors following advice will try to beat the bookmakers’ odds by winning a greater number of times than the odds for each bet would suggest.

Horse racing tipsters create value for punters by becoming specialized experts in their chosen sport. Such tips are similar to what a stock broker or investment firm may advice to an investor in the financial marketplace. Obviously, it’s in the punter’s interest to allocate his or her capital in “assets” that yield a return on investment.

It is the tipster’s job to obtain inside information not readily available to the general public. Trainers, injuries, weather conditions, track conditions, horse medication, past performance, statistics, speed ratings, and other factors influence the outcome of contests. .

Using this economic analogy, the racehorse would be the “investment opportunity” like a stock or bond and the bettor would be an investor. With the advent of the internet and telecommunication, waging advice (or tips) is sold as a service.

Through years of experience, tipsters leverage their knowledge and offer punters betting advice. They influence the allocation of betting capital towards racehorses that are perceived to have a greater likelihood of winning.

Tipsters can convey value by being aware of variables that affect the results of meetings